Hardware & Software Infrastructure

CNERG has access to a modest collection of its own computing resources with additional access to a growing collection of shared resources.



Each CNERG team member has a multi-core linux desktop workstation managed by the Computer Aided Engineering facility (CAE). This provides a standardized development environment and shared filespace.


  • Under the same standardized CAE environment, we have access to two 12-core (+ hyperthreading), 96 GB RAM compute servers.
  • CNERG participates in a high-performance computing cluster with 320 cores, each with either 2 GB or 4GB or RAM, managed by PBS for MPI jobs.
  • As part of the UW GLOW network, we have dedicated access to eight 10-core blades managed by Condor for serial jobs.
  • As a participant in the Center for High Throughput Computing, we have access to an additional 14,000 cores managed by Condor for serial jobs.


The majority of our projects involve writing new software for analyzing nuclear systems. However, we do occasionally use software developed by others and also rely on a number of different software development tools.

Radiation Transport Activation Lattice Physics Reactor Analysis
Partisn     RELAP
Compilers Debuggers/Profilers Source Control & Documentation Build Management
GNU C/C++/FORTRAN gdb git autotools
Portland Group ddd svn cmake
Intel valgrind doxygen  
Scripting & Automation Visualization Project Management  
bash VisIt Github  
Python Paraview Trac