CLOSED: Post-Doctoral Associate Opportunity (2012): Agent-based Fuel Cycle Modeling

[Updated: November 4, 2012]

The Computational Nuclear Engineering Research Group (CNERG) is leading the development of a novel open-source agent-based platform for the simulation of advanced nuclear fuel cycles, Cyclus ( The core infrastructure of this effort combines cocnepts from operations research, computer science and nuclear engineering to provide a flexible basis for studying the tecehnical and socioeconomic impacts of different nuclear fuel cycle choices.

CNERG is seeking a qualified individual to assist in the development of a robust software platform and the generation of an open source community of user/developers.

Degree and area of specialization

  • PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering or related field

Required experience

  • Demonstrated experience with scientific software development in one or more of the following areas:

    • nuclear fuel cycle modeling
    • agent-based simulation
    • multi-variable optimization
    • linear and integer programming
  • Some experience with components of a modern team-based software development processes:

    • version control (we use git)
    • bug/issue tracking (we use github)
    • test driven development (we use google test)
    • automatic documentation (we use doxygen)
    • build & configuration management (we use cmake, make)
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Desired Experience

  • Demonstrated knowledge of C++ & python in a linux environment

  • Demonstrated experience with some combination of Cyclus I/O technologies including

    • XML (libxml2/libxml++)
    • SQL (sqlite)

Specific Duties

  • Investigate different schemes for combining optimization algorithms with the agent based framework
  • Actively develop a community of user/developers with contributions to Cyclus module library
  • Implement new classes and methods in C++ to support user/developer requirements
  • Refactor existing code to support maintainability
  • Support documentation of source code and software usage
  • Author publications for refereed journals and important conference proceedings
Salary: $50,000-70,000 depending on background and experience
Start: ASAP

To apply, please send a application materials to wilsonp _at_