Robert Carlsen


Contact Information

434 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Robert assists research efforts in the development of Cyclus, a nuclear fuel cycle simulation code. His research interests revolve around comparative fuel cycle metrics and fuel cycle optimization. He is concentrating on the development a framework for large-scale optimization of fuel cycle transitions with particular interest on disruption scenarios.

All that is fine and dandy, but really Robert likes to think of himself as a (software) hacker. And he also enjoys writing about himself in third person voice.

Graduate Appointment

Nuclear Engineering University Programs (NEUP) fellow.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI [current Ph.D. student]
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI [M.S. Nuclear Engineering, 2013]
  • Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID [B.S. Nuclear Engineering, 2011]