NASA habitat module analyzed using FluDAG

NASA habitat module analyzed using FluDAG

The Computational Nuclear Engineering Research Group is a community of nuclear engineers, scientists, programmers and students who focus on the development of reliable software tools for the analysis of complex nuclear systems.

Two primary areas of activity are:

  • radiation transport and effects in complex CAD-based geometries, and
  • agent-based modeling of advanced nuclear fuel cycles.

The acronym CNERG is intended to be pronounced like the English word synergy (‘si-n&r-jE). According to Merriam-Webster OnLine, the noun synergy means “a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements”. This name is suggestive of many synergies that we take advantage of both inside our CNERG community and with our connections to others.

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Research and employment opportunities in this research group continuously become available. If you are interested please see what current opportunities are available.