CNERG Mission, Vision & Values


To foster the development of new generations of nuclear engineers and scientists through the development and deployment of open and reliable software tools for the analysis of complex nuclear energy systems


To have a positive impact on the ongoing development of peaceful nuclear technology by improving the understanding of those technologies through modeling & simulation

Core Values

Welcoming, Inclusive & Healthy Community

We all do our best work when we feel respected by our peers and our contributions are valued. Every member of CNERG is responsible for creating this environment of mutual respect and value. The group is made up of individuals with a wide range of personal and educational histories. Being sensitive to these differences is an important part of our professional development. The community also supports the healthy life choices of each its members as they work to achieve their professional goals.

Open, Reproducible & Maintainable Software

Our vision is best achieved by developing software tools that are accessible to all, produce the same results over multiple invocations, and permit new developers to easily contribute. Every member of CNERG is expected to develop skills to contribute to the development and maintenance of our software tools.

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Reliable Software Tools for the Analysis of Complex Nuclear Energy Systems

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