Research Skills

There are many individual skills and tools that are used to be a successful and efficient computational scientist. In most cases, the time investment to learn a new skill is quickly rewarded by an improvement in the quality or efficiency of your research. You are encouraged to use your research time to pursue new skills, computational or otherwise, that will support your overall research progress.

In particular, you should place a priority on the particular skills than enable you to be independent in pursuing your own research. For example, understanding the details of compiling and installing software packages in the various computing environments where you need them, whether developed within our group or elsewhere, is an important skill.

Specific skills to consider

(Suggest new skills here.)

Compiling and linking code
When working with compiled code (e.g. C++), it is valuable to understand the steps
Unix command-line
Text-based interface for managing computational tasks
Literature review
Finding and carefully reading journal articles helps to build a deeper understanding of our science
Version Control
Managing revisions to source code with robustness and intention

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