Technical policies

Technology Control Plan

Due to legal requirements of export control, members of CNERG must be familiar with and formally agree to abide by the Technology Control Plan.

Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan helps to ensure that researchers know were to find data and other digital objects related to current or past projects. This is also necessary to comply with data management requirements of our sponsors.

Author Style Guide

A consistent and professional style can both improve the readability and confer a sense of authority to our publications and presentations. This style guide provides some guidance on establishing that consistent and professional style.

Workplace policies

Scheduling of Preliminary Exams and Defenses

To ensure appropriate time to review necessary documents, no prelim or defense should be scheduled before a complete draft of the associated document has been reviewed by the primary advisor. In this context, a complete draft is a version that includes all the results in some form, with a discussion of those results. It is NOT a final draft and may be subject to additional editing by the author, advisor or others. Rather, it should indicate that all results have been collected and digested.

Vacation and Personal Leave

Time away from work is an important part of maintaining healthy work-life balance, and all members of CNERG are encouraged to take vacation. Different employment categories have different formal policies for the amount of leave that is available for employees, but the nature of research combined with appointments that are formally part-time, can create confusion, particularly with respect to vacation time.

Everyone is expected to consult their advisor/supervisor to discuss any extended vacation or personal leave, to determine how it may interfere with deadlines for their personal progress or for projects to which they are contributing.

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