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Lucas J. Jacobson

PhD Candidate

428 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Dr
Madison, WI 53706

Research Interests

  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Radiation transport
  • Hybrid activation methods
  • High performance computing
  • Scientific software development


  • Investigated and implemented new techniques to improve the efficiency of the Multi-Step Consistent Adjoint-Driven Importance Sampling (MS-CADIS) method, a variance reduction technique designed chiefly to speed up shutdown dose rate analysis
    • work done with the Radiation Transport group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Implemented a parallel version of the activation analysis code ALARA using OpenMP
  • Investigated the viability of using the CAD-based Monte Carlo radiation transport toolkit DAGMC to model spacer grids in light water reactors to gain insight
  • Devised a validation and verification and regression testing framework for DAGMC
  • Conducted a parametric timing study to compare the computational efficiency of DAG-MCNP5 with that of native MCNP5


  • University of Wisconsin–Madison [Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, current]
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison [M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, 2014]
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison [B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, 2014]
  • Oak Creek High School [valedictorian, 2009]

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