Automating Updates the Publication List

Automating Updates the Publication List

The script will perform queries of the following CNERG Publication sub-collections, getting the most recent 100 items in each and storing them in different files.

  • Refereed Publications -> pub.json
  • Thesis Archive -> theses.json

In order to complete this task, the user must have generated a Oauth key with their own Zotero account. That key should exist in a the file zotero/zotero.key.header. This file should only contain the following:

Zotero-API-Key: <key-goes-here>

where <key-goes-here> should be replaced with your own custom key which will be a 24 character string composed of upper- and lower-case letters and numbers.

When generating the key, it is (probably) necessary to select “Allow library access” and “Read Only” for the Default Group Permissions.

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